Board of Directors

The Guild Board of Trustees, led by President Leslie Storrs, is pleased to present the membership with the following proposed slate of officers for the 2017-2018 term.


President Leslie Storrs 2016-2018
Past President Deborah LaPointe 2016-2018
Vice President Kathy Malone 2016-2018
Treasurer Shawn Linehan 2017-2019
Secretary/Guild Liaison Peggy Christoforo 2016-2018
At Large
Anne Birtwell 2016-2018
At Large Sandie Cataldo 2016-2018
At Large Donna DiMarzio 2016-2018
At Large Jean Grady 2016-2018
At Large Craig Pierce 2016-2018
At Large Jean Ricci 2016-2018
At Large
Rob Guinard 2017-2019
At Large Mary Marchetti 2017-2019
At Large Jean Storrs 2017-2019
At Large Marcia Tarara 2017-2019
At Large Cathrine Thibault 2017-2019